As a professional musician crossing many spheres, Rory has been composing, arranging, preforming and producing music for a decade. both as an individual and as part of various ensembles.

His work has included – but is not limited to, music for video, classical scores, ambient background music, psychedelic rock music, Jazz ensembles, along with a myriad of other projects. Below you will find a brief show-reel displaying some of the projects he has worked on.

Flowers For Freaks studio/live recordings –

Flowers for freaks, 2018

As part of original psychedelic-folk rock band flowers for freaks, Rory recorded in the studio a number of times, released EPs, and preformed extensively around south wales and surrounding areas. See attached audio files below for studio and live recordings featuring Rory’s electric guitar playing, as well as composition and arranging contributions.

DOUBLE HAPPINESS (studio recording)

FLORAL AND PECULIAR (studio recording)

Music For Picture –

Over a number of years Rory has crafted a strong skill base in many areas of the music industry, music production being one of them. Equipped with a professional level setup he has crafted scores and soundtracks for a number of short films. Below are a few brief examples of some of his work.

Solo Guitar Arrangements –

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In addition to playing in various ensembles, Rory also is proficient at solo guitar and has a large repertoire of arrangements from traditional jazz standards to folk tunes.

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