Equipped with a varied scope of musical knowledge, Rory has taught music for a number of years. Although he specializes in guitar, he also teaches music technology, music theory and bass. In addition to this he teaches a number of conceptual courses applicable to any and all instrumentalists, such as song writing and improvisation. He is a believer that music is a highly personal endeavor, just as we all like different music he believes we all learn it most efficiently with different approaches, and this is reflected in his teaching style – each student gets a personalized lesson plan and teaching approach, one that he believes will best fit the individuals musical sensibilities.

Rory has studied many different genres of music both at university and as a gigging musician, and as a result of this is equipped to teach across all musical styles – including but not limited to, heavy metal, reggae, folk, jazz, classical and blues. He is also fully equipped to teach over Skype in light of the current climate.

For prices, exclusive deals, lesson packs or any other information regarding lessons, please contact Rory via the ‘contact’ menu above.

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